lundi 12 avril 2010

Mercedes SLC AMG 2010!!!

Mercedes SLC AMGAnd so, hearings were justified! In 2010, the company of a Mercedes-Benz prepares to deduce on the competing markets supercars, new “supersonic” bolide — Mercedes SLCwhich should take a place actually McLaren SLR.

New Mercedes SLC AMG if to compare it with SLR, it will be much easier and less in the sizes. As power “installation” the new 6,2-liter turbo the V8-unit developed by company AMG will serve here. In turn itself bolide is developed and embodied during a life by motorsport-manufactory HWA on behalf of founder Hans Werner Aufrecht who in the past has put sources for creation of company AMG, in a consequence which in 1999 it has been redeemed by the company of a Mercedes-Benz.
As to small batch production Mercedes SLC AMG here all depends on « the opened charts » the Geneva motor show. If prime-minister really takes place also new SLC will apprehend as “native” manufacture will begin in 2009 nearby from Stuttgart.

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