vendredi 21 août 2009

A study shows Morocco 3rd best destination of FDIs in Africa

London - Morocco was placed in the third place as the best destination of foreign direct investments in Africa over 2009-2010 thanks in particular to its good results in the areas of infrastructures, FDIs strategy and economic potential, according to a study by fDi Intelligence.

The kingdom came behind South Africa and Egypt.

The "African countries of the future 2009-2010" was prepared by a panel of independent experts on the basis of data covering 59 countries.

It analyses the situation in these countries, taking into consideration the results achieved in such areas as the economic potential, human resources, living standards, infrastructures, the economic potential and the investment strategy.

fDi Intelligence is a specialist Division from the Financial Times Ltd, which provides investors with independent data to help them make informed decisions regarding foreign direct investment.

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