vendredi 21 août 2009

Guinea reiterates support to Morocco in Sahara issue

Conakry - The Sahara is an "integral part" of Morocco and Guinea will always side with Morocco, Guinean President, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara said.

"The Sahara is indeed an integral part of Morocco," Dadis Camara said at a recent press conference in Conakry, during the Oscar award of the African Managers Committee.

"Since its independence, Guinea has always been on Morocco’s side in this issue," he added, deeming it "shocking and even irritating to challenge such historical realities."

The Guinean head of state condemned the "geopolitical manipulation attempts" to divide up the borders of the continent's countries.

"We strongly condemn any manipulation aiming at separating Africa from the Maghreb or at destabilizing Africa," he insisted.

Dadis Camara also said he considers Morocco as one of the most respected kingdoms in the world, where peace and tranquility prevail under the dynamic leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, to whom the people of Guinea owe gratitude and respect.”

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