vendredi 21 août 2009

Morocco's commitment to disarmament, a strategic choice, diplomat

Geneva - Morocco's U.N. ambassador in Geneva, Omar Hilale said on Thursday that the Kingdom's commitment to the issues of disarmament has been a "strategic choice" since its independence.

Hilale said the North African country has always cherished the ideals of peace, security and the principle of peaceful settlement of conflicts.

The diplomat, who was speaking at a conference on disarmament, said Morocco has always supported disarmament, "sole guarantor of durable peace and security and of the prevention of the proliferation of WMDs."

The whole world agrees on the fact that nuclear weapons should never be used due to their effects, their impact on the environment, and their serious fallouts on regional and global security.

Hilale called on the international community to create a nuclear weapon free zone in the Middle East, in which all the nuclear facilities of the countries of the region are subjected to the IAEA monitoring system.

It is necessary to establish a climate of trust, a critical element to halt the race for disarmament, and restore peace as well as regional and international security, he said.

Ending the disarmament race in the extra-atmospheric space is a top priority for the international community, Hilale maintained, adding that this space is a human common heritage and should be used for pure peaceful purposes.

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